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Creatine’s Powerful Longevity Effects Include Far More Than Stamina & Muscle Recovery…

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Did you know that creatine was first popularized as a sports supplement by MLB baseball players in the 1990s? Mark McGuire, Slammin’ Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds and countless other sluggers of the 90s popularized creatine, but now we know it’s incredibly valuable for the normal person slugging it out in everyday life. 

While it was at first used as muscle and energy enhancer, creatine is also powerful for cellular health, anti-aging benefits, brain health, performance, muscle recovery and stamina: because it acts as a battery pack for your cells. 

That’s why creatine is one of the central ingredients for our patent-pending formula, Vitality Boost. Nothing else on the market includes that, especially not the researched, precise amount that goes into the formula. This is one of the reasons the Boost is so effective. 


When it comes to enhancing physical performance, few substances can hold a candle to its impact. This naturally occurring compound (found in small amounts in certain foods, but definitely something that should be increased by supplementation) plays a pivotal role in the energy production system, specifically in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the cellular energy currency that fuels muscle contractions during high-intensity activities like weightlifting or springing. 

The primary job of creatine is to replenish ATP. By providing a rapid source of energy, creatine allows individuals to push their physical limits, leading to increased strength, power, and overall athletic performance. It’s like having a turbo boost for your muscles. 

But creatine’s impact extends far beyond the realms of raw muscle strength. Research suggests that it also may have wonderful cognitive benefits, including brain function and potentially aiding tasks that require short bursts of intense mental effort. New research in October 2023 indicates that creatine is also a valuable neurotransmitter that helps to optimize brain function (link on blog here). 

Additionally, creatine has been shown to have a role in muscle recovery, helping reduce inflammation and muscle cell damage post-exercise.

Whether you’re an elite athlete who is striving for peak performance, a casual gym-goer looking to maximize your workouts, or someone interested in maximizing your brain potential, creatine can be a game-changer. If you’re serious about optimizing your physical and mental capabilities, creatine deserves a prime spot in your supplement arsenal… and guess what has an optimized amount of creatine already in it? You guessed it: Jinfiniti’s Vitality Boost.


Creatine and NAD interact in a fascinating dance in the human body. Creatine, the muscle’s go-to energy currency, and NAD, the critical coenzyme involved in over 500+ physiological processes, engage in subtle but impactful interplay, because when creatine is replenishing ATP, it requires a small sacrifice of of NAD. This exchange might seem like a minor detail, but it highlights the interconnected nature of the two elements. 

Some studies even suggest that creatine might have a sparing effect on NAD, potentially helping to maintain its levels during periods of high energy demand. And since NAD is involved in processes like DNA repair and cellular signaling, any influence on its levels could have broader implications beyond just energy metabolism.

In essence, the relationship between creatine and NAD showcases the complexity of our body’s biochemical symphony. While each plays a distinct role, their subtle interactions remind us that the pathways governing our physiology are a web of connections, where changes in one component can resonate throughout the entire system—in this case—the human body. 

This is why in our Vitality Boost, we include optimal levels of both creatine and NAD-creating compounds NAD+ precursor and NR. 

Our thousands of test studies and testimonials reveal that it really is an optimized combo that energizes the human body on a cellular level, increases every metabolic system, and largely contributes to anti-aging and longevity results.

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As always, we remain committed to your greatest healthspan, vibrancy and optimization. 


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