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Intracellular NAD® Test

Are you deficient in NAD? Is your NAD supplement working?

Measure your NAD level to adjust your NAD optimization strategy.


NAD optimization is the starting point for better health and performance and extended longevity. Unfortunately, different people may need different dosage of NAD supplements to achieve optimal NAD levels.  Testing NAD is the only way to find out the optimal dosage for you.  Ideally one should measure at baseline and after supplementation. At the minimum, one must measure after supplementation because the same dosage could be optimal, ineffective or toxic for different people. NAD tests will give you actionable data for NAD and health optimization.

  • First and only NAD test for consumers
  • Rapid results after receiving your sample (<1 week)
  • Find out whether you are deficient in NAD
  • Find out what product works for you the best
  • Find out your optimal dosage for supplements
  • Actionable recommendations for NAD optimization
  • Secure data: 100% private and protected
  • Free Consultation
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Tips for finger prick sample collection:

  • Warm your fingers with hot water.
  • Press the lancet very hard.
  • Squeeze your finger to form a large blood drop.
  • Place hand below heart to ease blood flow.
  • Let the blood card dry for 3 hours or overnight.
  • Don’t apply fixing buffer to wet blood spots.
  • Use express shipping from overseas.
  • Send blood cards back to Jinfiniti even if you have activation issues.

What is NAD and why is it important to measure?

NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It plays an essential role in many cellular processes such as repairing damaged DNA to prevent cancer, getting rid of aging (senescent) cells, mitochondrial function, regulation of sleep and immune response, and reduction of inflammation and free radicals. NAD catalyzes reactions for more than 500 enzymes, including those involved in the production of cellular energy (ATP). Deficient NAD levels are linked to the loss of function and vitality as well as many age-related diseases.

How the NAD test works

Collect your sample at home and mail it back

Register your at-home test kit

Use the unique ID number included with your test kit to register at

Collect a few drops of blood

Use finger prick to make blood spots, mail back to our lab.

Receive digital results

View your report & recommendation in 3-7 days on our secure website.

Your Digital Results


With an average CV of 3.1%, the Jinfiniti Intracellular NAD® assay is highly reproducible.


Jinfiniti delivers easy-to-understand test results and insights. We also provide you with additional resources and helpful tips for improving and maintaining your NAD levels.


View a personalized report based on your NAD test results as well as detailed information about what your results mean for you.


Take action on your health and wellness. Use your report to help guide your next steps to further optimize your NAD levels. Attend a webinar led by our chief scientist Dr. Jin-Xiong She to learn more about your test results and get your questions answered.

Epigenetic alteration

Elevating NAD levels may increase telomere length. NAD is also essential for the functions of many proteins such as sirtuins involved in regulating gene expression.

Mitochondrial dysfunction

Mitochondria generate energy in the form of ATP via the Krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation. NAD is the key coenzyme to produce ATP. These processes are called respiration and produce free radicals that can harm the cell. As we age our mitochondria become dysfunctional by producing less ATP and more free radicals.

Deregulated nutrient sensing

Cells respond to the abundance of nutrients in the diet through different pathways. When nutrient sensing is deregulated, cells don’t respond well to nutrients which can lead to conditions such as insulin insensitivity.

Loss of proteostasis

Proteostasis is the ability of a cell to make stable, functioning proteins. NAD is required for the function of over 500 enzymes.

Cellular senescence

Senescent cells are zombie-like cells that stopped dividing and do not function normally. Increased senescence, as observed in many diseases and old people, is harmful because senescent cells secrete large amounts of pro-inflammatory molecules and contribute to age-related diseases. Boosting NAD level can reduce senescence and inflammatory proteins.

NAD Impacts All Hallmarks of Aging

The good news? You CAN optimize your NAD levels

The best way to boost NAD is a combination of NAD precursors and healthy lifestyle.

NAD precursors

Several NAD precursors can be used by cells as building blocks to make NAD. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), a two-step precursors can efficiently elevate NAD level. A one-step precursor is the most efficacious supplement to elevate NAD levels. Vitamin B3 including nicotinic acid (NA) and nicotinamide (NAM) are not efficacious NAD precursors in most people.


NAD+ or NADH are two different forms of NAD. NAD+ has been used through different routes (IV, subcutaneous & oral) to elevate NAD levels and treat certain diseases and health conditions. Our clinical studies have shown that iv infusion of NAD+ does not increase NAD levels and subcutaneous injection of NAD+ only increase NAD levels modestly. There is very little data on the efficacy of oral NAD+ and NADH supplements.

Inhibit enzymes that consume NAD

NAD is constantly consumed by many enzymes including CD38, Sirtuins and PARP. CD38, which is increased by inflammation and during aging, is the key enzyme that degrades NAD. Several supplements such as quercetin and apigenin have been shown to efficiently inhibit CD38 activity in test tubes. Inhibition of CD38 should have a major impact on circulating NAD levels but its impact on intracellular NAD is not obvious.

Boost enzymes that make NAD

NAMPT and NMNAT are two key enzymes needed to make NAD by our cells. Many supplements, general health, life style including diet, sleep and exercise can influence the levels of these NAD-synthesizing enzymes and have an impact on NAD levels. However, modifying these factors alone is not sufficient to optimize NAD for most people. A combination of NAD precursors and the healthy life style is the best way to optimize NAD levels.

Benefits of optimizing NAD levels

The best way to optimize NAD level is via supplementation with NAD precursors. In about 10% of individuals, other supplements, diet, and exercise need to be managed to increase the NAD-making enzymes in order to optimize NAD levels.

Increased cellular energy (ATP).

Improved endurance and strength.

Improved DNA repair.

Reduced oxidative stress.

Improved blood plasma lipid profiles.

Improved glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity.

Improved bone density.

Improved nerve-tissue generation.