Control your age

Control your age

Control your age

Control your age

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We all age differently...

AgingSOS™ is a blood test that targets your aging and empowers you to make decisions that most benefit your health.

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Why test your biomarkers?

  • Find out whether you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out why you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out how to slow down or reverse your aging process.
  • Find out potential solutions to reduce your risk of developing age-related diseases and maximize your healthspan and lifespan.
  • Find out the efficacy of your treatment or supplements and personalized dosages.
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When you see brilliant Scientists like Dr. Joseph Geraci and Dr. Jin-Xiong She, a professor at Augusta University, show this much excitement, it gets me really excited!

New clinical study on age and psychiatric disorders

We are proud to announce a new clinical trial collaboration with Scarlette Lillie. We will use AgingSOS™ to explore the effects of psilocybin and truffles on age-related and psychiatric disorders.

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Dr. Jin-Xiong She

Targeting aging

We were recently featured on's website - the leading news source on longevity research and companies. Read about how we are targeting aging with actionable biomarkers.

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Am I living a healthy life?
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Most middle-aged and senior people change their lifestyles and take nutritional supplements with the hope to improve health and reduce risks for illness. However, no one knows what lifestyle changes or supplements they really need the most or whether their supplements are effective.

You can now take the AgingSOS™ blood test to precisely answer these questions to maximize your healthspan. AgingSOS™ measures key aging factors including inflammation, senescence, oxidative stress, tissue damages, protein alterations and micronutrients.

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