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NAD Maintenance Package

Keep your NAD at optimum level and Maximize Healthy Longevity™


from Original price was: $956.00.Current price is: $682.00.

Ideal package after finding your optimal dosage.

  • We make it affordable to maintain NAD at optimum level
  • NAD is the most foundational vitamin every cell needs
  • Most benefits from NAD come from long term use
  • Keep NAD at optimum level is essential to healthspan
This package comes with:
  • 6 jars of the Accuri® Vitality Boost at lower cost
  • 1 Intracellular NAD® test at half price
  • Test to ensure NAD level stay in the optimum range
  • Free consultation

What happens if I stop taking NMN supplements after optimization?

Your NAD will return to baseline level approximately four weeks after stopping NMN supplements. Many benefits you gained from optimized NAD level will likely go away slowly.

Do I have to maintain NAD at the optimum level all the time?

NAD level is not different from many health parameters such as blood pressure, blood glucose level, or cholesterol level. It is best to keep them within the optimum range all the time. It is advisable to take NAD supplements on a continuous basis to maximize its benefits on health, performance and longevity.

Is it safe to take NMN supplements continuously for long periods of time?

Yes. It is safe to take quality NMN products continuously and for long periods of time or for life. NMN, NAD and other NAD metabolites (smaller components of NAD) are all compounds that exist naturally in our body and are required for various cellular functions. As long as the intake level does not exceed the safety limit, NMN is unlikely to cause harm. Many consumers have been taking 1000mg -2000mg of NMN daily and no adverse effects have been reported. We do not recommend taking more than 1500mg of NMN on a continuous basis. If your NAD level is not optimized with 1500mg of NMN, it may indicate other issues including suboptimal NAD-making enzymes, faster degradation of NAD, and/or other health issues. Contact us for a free consultation.
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