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AgeRate Epigenetic Age

Are you aging faster than your chronological age?


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Find out by measuring your epigenetic age.

Your chronological age is not as important as your biological age, which can now be measured using changes at the molecular level. DNA methylation (epigenetics) controls gene expression and downstream molecular and cellular processes. The methylation status is an imprint of past lifestyle, nutrition, environmental exposure, and health status, and offers important insights about the aging process.
  • Provide a critical reference for your health status
  • Reveal insights about how well you are aging
  • Evaluate effectiveness of your longevity plan
  • Measure methylation status at over 10,000 sites
  • Gold standard DNA methylation analysis
  • Based on data from 10,000+ people
  • Proprietary algorithms powered by AI
  • Secure data: 100% private and protected

What is biological age?

As we age chronologically, many changes occur at the molecular and cellular levels. Scientists have recently discovered that various molecular signatures can be use to measure a person’s age. For example, age estimated using DNA methylation is called epigenetic or methylation age; age estimated using glycans is called glycanage; age estimated with proteins is called proteomic age, and age estimated using functional biomarkers is called functional or sometime physiological age. Age estimated based any biomolecules or biological characteristics can all be called biological age. Ages estimated using different biological information can vary widely for the same person and only reflect the relevant information. It is still unknown which biological clock provides more relevant information.

What is epigenetic age?

Epigenetic age is measured by DNA methylation patterns at specific sites that show correlation with chronological age. DNA methylation controls the activity of genes, and a cascade of molecular and cellular processes. Methylation status is an imprint of past lifestyle, nutrition, environmental exposure, and health status. Scientists have developed several epigenetic clocks and used these clocks to study aging.

What is AgeRate test?

The AgeRate Epigenetic Age test is one of the best performing epigenetic clocks and can reveal new insights about how well you are aging. The test measures methylation status at over 10,000 methylation sites using gold standard DNA methylation analysis. The clock was discovered and validated based on data from 10,000+ people and proprietary algorithms powered by AI.
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