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Finger prick tips

  • Warm your hand with hot water for 3-5 minutes.
  • Press the lancet very hard.
  • Squeeze your finger to form a large blood drop.
  • Place hand below heart to ease blood flow.

Email us at or call 706-496-9542.  For finger prick questions specifically, call us at 706-831-8882.

Instructions for Intracellular NAD® test with dried blood spots

Email if you have questions.

Important Notes for NAD Test

  • Completely dry blood card before applying NAD Fixing Buffer
  • PRINT clearly your name, DOB and date of sampling on the blood card
  • Your email allows us to contact you in case of need
  • Send the entire card with the activation code back to Jinfiniti
  • Take a photo of your card & activation code for your record

AgingSOS™ vial collection instructions

Email for questions.

Important Notes

Keep your shipping box

Do not throw away the shipping container because you will use it to return the blood sample back to us. There will be a return label and shipping instructions inside the Styrofoam box. Use that return label to send both your frozen cold pack and your sample in a biohazard bag back to us.

Choose a day to collect and send your sample

Preparation is key. Make sure you collect and ship the blood sample on the same day between Monday and Wednesday of the week so we receive it on the following day. This ensures we get the sample while it is still in good shape for our tests. It also helps us handle potential shipping delays.

Freeze your cold pack overnight

Your blood needs to be kept cold during the return shipment to our lab. The cold temperature prevents the blood from degrading and allows us to perform our more sensitive tests.


Register an account here if you are a new customer. Your account serves as a secure portal to access your private test results.

Activate your kit

Login and activate your kit.  Activation of your kit is necessary to link your test results to you securely. Every individual customer must have a separate account with Jinfiniti. Kit activation is not required or allowed under Provider accounts.

Read the instructions

Read instructions that come with your kit. Watch the video if you need help. 

We provide two options for blood collection for the AgingSOS® tests:

  • Venous blood draw by a phlebotomist.
  • Finger prick as shown in the above video.
Shipping the blood samples back to Jinfiniti

Put the Styrofoam box into the shipping box we sent you and tape it up. A FedEx shipping label is provided for your convenience.  Drop off the box at a local FedEx or schedule a pick-up as early as possible.