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Six Warning Signs of Low NAD

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There are six warning signs of low NAD levels that that can help you know when you need to optimize. These signs are often the prerequisite to more serious diseases, but fortunately there are simple ways to treat them all.

Do you have any of these? 

1. Fatigue

Every day we hear from our customers about this common health complaint. Just this week, one of our customers in Europe told us that when he began taking our Accuri® Vitality Boost, he didn’t notice much at first.

He’d been battling extremely difficult fatigue for awhile. And although nothing changed at first, after just two weeks without changing anything else about his lifestyle or health habits, the fatigue went away. It simply evaporated. 

Here at Jinfiniti, we would think this an aberration if it wasn’t something we hear all the time

One of our recent case studies, Dr. Dominic Fraboni, whom I spoke with on the podcast, The Optimal Body, was already very healthy and fit, but after adjusting to life with a newborn, lack of sleep and plummets in his energy and stamina, he was more than ready for a drastic change. 

After taking Accuri® Vitality Boost for just seventeen days, Dr. Fraboni tripled his NAD levels and noticed a massive difference in his energy levels and stamina. 

2. Muscle Soreness 

If you’ve struggled with low cellular-level energy for a long time, you’ve probably struggled with fatigue. The good news is that you can gain back muscle recovery that you had in your twenties. 

NAD is a linchpin in the metabolic machinery, steering the complex dance of energy production and cellular repair. It acts like the conductor of a symphony, directing processes that are crucial for our body’s performance. Emerging research reveals that NAD plays a large role in mitigating muscle soreness and aiding the body to recuperate after strenuous physical activity.

When our levels of NAD decline (due to age, excessive stress or unhealthy habits) the harmonious balance within the cellular symphony is disrupted, leading to a delayed recovery process and, of course, really sore muscles. 

Faster recovery times are another thing Dr. Fraboni (among thousands of our other customers) noticed after taking Accuri® Vitality Boost

3. Low Stamina

When our NAD levels wane, the energy stores within our cells face a shortage, and that leaves us lacking the endurance we probably took for granted during our youth when our NAD levels were likely higher. 

NAD is essential for converting the food we consume into the energy our cells need to perform everything from the beating of our hearts to the movement of our muscles. Low NAD levels disrupt this energy equilibrium, leaving us feeling drained and sapping our stamina. 

Low NAD levels are like running on an almost-empty gas tank with the engine sputtering and struggling to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced world. 

This is one reason NAD just might hold the key to unlocking a future where stamina never declines even though our age increases. 

4. Unwanted Weight Gain 

When we have fat in places that we just can’t shake, it’s because our metabolisms are suffering. But it turns out that maintaining optimal intracellular NAD levels might be the key to tipping the scales in our favor. 

NAD acts as a coenzyme in pivotal processes like glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation—which are fancy descriptions for processes that essentially convert nutrients into usable energy. Intracellular NAD levels are the thing that influence how efficiently this energy is produced and utilized. When our NAD levels fall, metabolic pathways become less efficient, which can lead to a decreased ability to burn calories, and thus, an excess storage of fat. 

Although we don’t guarantee weight loss, many of our customers have experienced weight loss as a welcome side effect of optimizing their metabolic health with Accuri® Vitality Boost

5. Brain Fog/ Long Covid 

NAD operates as a neurotransmitter in the brain. This may be why recent studies suggest that NAD depletion could be a key contributor to brain fog—a symptom that has lately been attributed to a number of health concerns, including the debilitating illness of long Covid. Mitochondrial decline within brain cells leads to lower communication between neurons as well as lower energy production. This simply means that if your NAD levels are low, you could experience symptoms under the label of “Brain Fog”—which includes, but isn’t limited to: memory recall, attention span, and mental fatigue.

Optimizing our NAD levels is a promising strategy for not only combating brain fog, but also for promoting long-term brain health and vitality even as we age. 

6. Poor Sleep Quality 

In addition to energy metabolism, NAD plays a multifaceted role in the regulation of our sleep-wake cycles. It’s a critical cofactor in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the molecule that fuels our cells, as well as sirtuins, including those related to sleep regulation. Optimal NAD levels ensure that we enjoy well-functioning circadian rhythms, which recycle into a restored physical system. 

On the flip side, however, chronic sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality is a cyclical issue that leads to further depletion of NAD reserves. With declining NAD levels, energy production within cells further falters, affecting stamina and hindering the body’s ability to rejuvenate and repair. 

But the good news is that we’ve discovered that by optimizing our NAD levels, we’re able to bolster sleep quality and interrupt the cycle of depletion. As a matter of fact, improved sleep is one of the first changes our customers notice once they begin taking our Accuri® Vitality Boost

And we all know the effect a poor night’s sleep versus a good night’s sleep can have on our brains, bodies and daily activities. It could be argued that sleep is the most important ingredient our bodies need in order to repair. 

Are you experiencing any of the signs on this list? 

So have most of us. 

As unpleasant as they might be, these signs serve as reminders when our NAD levels are suffering, and consequently, our entire health system. 

Thankfully, we know from thousands of tests (from everyday people as well as leading scientists, biohackers, MDs and health professionals) that our formula will optimize, not just improve, intracellular NAD for 90% of people alone, which no other NAD supplement can come close to promising.

No other supplement brand on the market offers the ability to take their supplement and test to see if it’s working. 

And that’s because no other brand on the market compares to the efficacy and transparency of Jinfiniti

In fact, we believe in our Accuri® Vitality Boost so much that we back it with a 60-day Money Back and Efficacy Guarantee.

Try it for yourself to experience how good you can feel. 

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