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The Brain’s Powerful Weapon Against Fatigue, Addiction and Disease

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Did you know that the brain’s most powerful weapon against fatigue, neurodegenerative diseases, mental health, and addiction is a coenzyme that you were born with?

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Noted brain health expert, Dr. James Goodwin, the author of Supercharge Your Brain, was recently suffering with debilitating fatigue. He took our NAD test and, surprise, his NAD levels came in severely deficient. 

He shares his story here:

“Over the last year, I started experiencing really debilitating fatigue in the afternoon. About six months ago, I did the NAD test and got shockingly low results coming in deficient. I’m perfectly healthy. I don’t have any diagnosed medical conditions. I exercise regularly, I eat well, and I’m not overweight. 

I was so appalled and determined to start taking the supplements regularly. 

Two weeks into taking the NAD supplement, the fatigue disappeared. I was absolutely astonished. I’m not going to stop taking the supplements to see if the fatigue comes back. I’d recommend the Vitality boost to anyone who needs extra energy.”

-Dr. James Goodwin, Director of Brain Health Network, London, UK.

NAD is essential to almost every cellular process in the human body. But with all the focus we put on our brain health (and how often we’re using that organ) you may be fascinated to know exactly what NAD is doing for your thinker. 

1. Enhanced Mental Clarity & Performance 

NAD plays a key role in the health of brain cells, boosting the production of PGC-1-alpha, a protein that protects brain cells against mitochondrial dysfunction & oxidative stress. Additionally, it acts as a neurotransmitter. Your brain is 3% of your body weight, but it uses 20% of your calories. Therefore, when your body is deficient in NAD, your brain is especially so.

Anecdotally, we have seen many clients experience significant reductions in brain fog and fatigue when they boost their NAD levels with our state-of-the-art, high performing Accuri® Vitality Boost

2. Addiction Treatment (Recreational drugs including marijuana, alcohol, opioids & other drugs): 

In early studies & data tracking, Springfield Wellness Center (the first NAD+ clinic in America) found that NAD+ has a nearly 400% better success rate than normal rehab clinics because NAD+ infusions help the brain chemistry heal while reducing or eliminating cravings for addictive substances. 

NAD+ IV coupled with NAC and other vital nutrients and minerals helps rewire neural pathways, detox and optimize your mitochondrial energy, and eliminate chemical cravings. Participants in the study who began with very high cravings for drugs or alcohol still had essentially no cravings two years after the treatments. See and the Cravings Study here. 

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3. Depression, PTSD and Anxiety:

When your brain experiences trauma, especially prolonged trauma such as PTSD or C-PTSD, it dramatically changes your brain structure. Since trauma is something that many of us have experienced and since we haven’t figured out how to time travel yet, how do we heal our brains and get back to good mental health? 

According to conventional medical understanding, depression has no cure. But in our opinion and armed with thousands of clinical studies, we believe that diseases & ailments conventional medicine have called lost causes actually have potential solutions. 

In our labs, we have seen many, many clients experience significant improvements in their mental health when their NAD levels are optimized. 

“For over 2 years, my mental health suffered. I battled high levels of anxiety, having panic attacks three times a week, I felt fatigued all the time and needed 400 mg of caffeine and 2 naps per day just to function. It felt like a single setback could slide me off the cliff.

Initially, I did a big round of NAD IV, which was $4000, but I was desperate. It gave me a lot of energy and mental lift, but it wasn’t sustainable. A few months later, I was feeling the same. And then I discovered Jinfiniti. My NAD levels were sorely deficient. 

Within several months of taking Vitality boost, my energy is much higher, my mental health and anxiety is so much better, and I’ve even lost some of the unwanted stubborn weight that wouldn’t go away. And my NAD levels are now optimal at 55.4 thanks to Vitality Boost.

My husband and I feel we have our lives back and I know Jinfinti’s been a huge part of that.”

-Sarah, one of our monthly subscribers of Vitality Boost.

4. Neurodegenerative Diseases Such as Alzheimers & Parkinson’s:

Early research indicates that some of the most prominent neurodegenerative diseases can be effectively treated with NAD. Brain chemistry and brain functioning—specifically metabolic deficiencies—are central problems with neurological diseases. 

Springfield Wellness center experts have treated many patients who have dementia or Parkinson’s, and when they receive NAD+ treatments, their symptoms often go into remission. Of course, the earlier the treatment begins, the better and quicker the results. 

**Unfortunately, there have not been enough clinical trials done to test NAD’s effects on neurodegenerative diseases to empirically state these. 

Yes, we are biased towards Jinfiniti’s Accuri® Vitality Boost, but that’s primarily because we’re biased towards documentable, scientific results and our Vitality boost is the only NAD optimization supplement on the market. The others only increase NAD levels at best, we optimize NAD levels. 

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Other supplements that should be on your short list for brain health:

  • Vitamin D: plays a vital role in maintaining healthy cognitive function and deficiencies may accelerate aging. 
  • Creatine: The most important function of Creatine is that it serves as a battery or reserve to store ATP, which most people do not discuss. Additionally, it increases muscle mass and improves brain function
  • 1000 MG of EPA Fatty Acids: Healthy brain fats, especially EPA fatty oils (ideally 1000 mg per day for mental health and longevity). Dr. Andrew Huberman, the noted Stanford neuroscientist speaks candidly about how 1000 mg of EPA fatty acids have the equivalent effect of an anti-depressant for over 70% of people!

To additionally heal your brain and increase your mental health, avoid or minimize these neurotoxins (Yes, this is a bold claim, but they create so much brain dysfunction that they can safely be labeled such):  

  1. Conventionally fried foods
  2. Sugar and alcohol
  3. Processed foods

If you needed a quick reminder to restock on your Accuri® Vitality Boost, here it is! Don’t forget that our subscription option is always the best deal and will keep you from running out. 

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