Our story

The start - wanting to save lives

We are a team of researchers dedicated to increasing the human healthspan. We met each other while doing research at the Medical College of Georgia and came together in 2018 to form Jinfiniti Precision Medicine. Our initial work was on a breakthrough cell culture technology that allows us to store and replicate cancer samples to find the right treatment for each patient.

However; we realized that chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes all have a common root: aging. We share a theory with many in the burgeoning longevity community that if you can delay or reverse aging, you will also delay or reverse chronic diseases. In other words, prevention is the best medicine for chronic diseases and where we can help save the most lives. But where do you start? Adopting exercise and a good diet is a good place, but you shouldn't stop there.

Blood is a window to health

Your blood is teeming with information about your health. It is what your doctors use to judge your health during checkups or when you have a serious illness - often when it is too late. We have developed lab tests to measure aging biomarkers in your blood.

Each of our biomarkers are actionable, meaning they can be altered by lifestyle interventions or supplementation. The key to our tests is that they guide you to better health by showing you where your body needs your attention the most. For example, chronic inflammation is a driver of aging and can lead to cancer. If you can identify and end chronic inflammation before symptoms show up, you will reduce your risk of inflammation-mediated diseases like heart disease or diabetes.

Our founder

We are a located on the Medical College of Georgia's campus, where our founder, Dr. Jin-Xiong She, teaches and conducts research. He is perhaps most well known for his international TEDDY study, whose goals are to screen hundreds of thousands of newborns for HLA-DR,DQ to prospectively identify environmental and genetic factors that lead to, or protect against, Type 1 Diabetes.

Other areas of Dr. She's research include high-throughput drug screening, cancer genomics, aging biomarkers, and more, as seen in his GRA profile .

Dr. Jin-Xiong She