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Andrew Huberman is Wrong About NAD, NMN, NR & Longevity

Recently, Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman (who has one of the top health podcasts in the world) did a 16-minute Q&A segment on NAD and its precursors. Overall, I respect his commitment to scientific accuracy and his standard of excellence with his approach. However, I consider him under-informed and not a subject matter expert in this particular arena. Here’s where Huberman is wrong about NAD, NMN, NR and longevity.

Let’s start out with where we agree with Dr. Huberman:

  1. NAD provides a noticeable increase in energy: Dr. Huberman takes NMN and NR daily because of the very noticeable improvement in energy. In his words, “It gives me a lot of sustainable physical and mental energy throughout the day. I noticed a decrease in energy when I stopped taking NR and NMN. While I wasn’t totally depleted, my energy was noticeably lower. As a 48-year-old, having great energy is important to me.”
  2. We need more data and research. There are countless studies, tens of millions of dollars and many different types of clinical trials underway and completed. But because NAD shows enormous promise and potential, we can’t do enough research fast enough. Plus, it takes years for many trials and studies to be completed. 

However, there are a few important points where I disagree with Dr. Huberman. I believe he is seeing an incomplete picture with regards to NAD and its role in so many of our body’s systems. 

Here’s where we disagree: 

  1. Optimal Levels of NAD Increase Lifespan by Increasing Healthspan: While there haven’t been conclusive studies done on humans to demonstrate that NAD extends lifespan, you’d be hard pressed to find any conclusive clinical trials and studies on any molecule or nutrient that slows aging.  Furthermore, the six root causes of aging that are central to long term health all are influenced, if not directly affected, by NAD. If your NAD levels are deficient, your metabolic function suffers significantly, which we know intensifies and accelerates your aging as well as your likelihood of disease. 
  1. Supplements are  fundamental to optimal health: He claims that supplements are NOT fundamental to life/health, which is obviously wrong. Most of us are deficient in multiple nutrients for one reason or another and supplementation is an invaluable way to boost and support our health, improving our healthspan and thereby extending our lifespan.
  1. NMN clearly elevates NAD levels (especially Vitality Boost): Huberman says he does not know if NMN can elevate NAD.  He is ignoring all the publications and consumer data that NMN can elevate NAD, and the functional / clinical benefits. His statement is contradictory to his own experience that it gives him more energy with cellular energy being a fundamental aspect of good health. We see thousands of test results every year that conclusively demonstrate that your intracellular levels can be substantially increased, especially with our Vitality Boost, of which no other supplement comes close to increasing NAD levels as effectively. .
  1. NAD IV. There’s much that we don’t know about the effectiveness of intravenous NAD, but one thing we do know is that it has no measurable impact of raising your NAD levels in your blood. Within hours of getting an IV, your system has flushed out the NAD from your bloodstream. Huberman seems to believe that your NAD levels increase with NAD IV, which is not the case at least intracellularly though they do seem to increase in your plasma. Here’s a feature that did on me where we discussed the research that indicates no perceptible impact to intracellular NAD though your cellular plasma NAD levels do seem to increase.

See our Youtube video this week comparing NAD IV vs. Vitality Boost.

Many people do notice an increase in energy and reduction in anxiety for a time period ranging from several days to several weeks after an IV, and we also agree that NAD IVs are a very expensive (and even painful) way to increase NAD

Dr. Huberman deserves a thumbs-up for his overall approach and standard of scientific rigor. As a fellow scientist, I have served as a Division Chief of Experimental Pathology and Director of Research and was the founding Director for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine, as well as the director of two core research facilities in Genomics, Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry. Additionally, I discovered many important genes during my research, such as the type 1 diabetes gene which influences what we do today. 

As a genetics researcher for over 40+ years, I have reviewed thousands of intracellular NAD tests, authored over 400-peer reviewed papers with an H-index of 76 and over 19,000 citations, and secured over $100 million dollars in research grants.

Here at Jinfiniti, our flagship NAD supplement, the Accuri® Vitality Boost, is a patent-pending formulation that has been extensively tested in clinical studies by hundreds of clinics and by thousands of consumers. It allows optimization of NAD in approximately 90% of users, a figure incomparable to any other NAD supplementation on the market. 

I strongly disagree with both Dr. Andrew Huberman’s assessment of NAD and its precursors. His  understanding of NAD and its precursors are far less than what’s currently available. He hasn’t had the privilege of  being a genomics researcher for 40+ years, nor has he reviewed thousands of intracellular NAD tests. 

As someone who has a deep and integral knowledge of NAD and its precursors, I have a much more expansive data set and perspective when it comes to NAD and its role in our health. It is my primary area of focus. 

With regards to neuroscience, Huberman is the expert. But as far as genetics and NAD are concerned, that’s my field of expertise

Accuri® Vitality Boost optimizes—not just improves—intracellular NAD for 90% of people alone, which no other NAD supplement can come close to promising. While other brands increase NAD levels by 20-40% at best, we often see levels increase by 200-300% like we did with Doc Jen, a prominent doctor of physical therapy who loves the Vitality Boost. We back it with a 60-day Money Back and Efficacy Guarantee. That’s because we back up our Vitality Boost with testing, where all of the proof lies! 

I highly recommend testing your NAD levels to see where your levels are at and how much they need to be optimized. Jinfiniti’s intracellular NAD test is the only one of its kind in the world, and if you don’t already know where your levels are at, it’s the best place to begin your optimization journey. 

Here are a few of our recent blog posts that you may be interested in reading regarding some of the science behind NAD, NAD precursors, and optimization leading to longevity: 

Lastly, as much as we know about NAD and it’s role in our health, there’s substantially more to be discovered, so I consider us very much in the early days of figuring out how to extend lifespan. From the research and the experiential evidence I see every week with countless customers, NAD plays a vital role in extending our healthspan, life quality, and cellular vitality.

Everything You Need to Know About NAD Precursors, NMN and NR

Let’s talk about precursors NMN and NR. What are they? 

Precursors are the very things that your body uses to create its own NAD. 

Out of all the precursors that exist, the most efficient precursors (ones that take the least amount of energy to convert to NAD) are nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

(And in case you need a refresher, NAD is a crucial coenzyme found in every cell of the body, playing a central role in various biological processes, including energy production, DNA repair, and regulation of gene expression.) As we age, NAD levels tend to decline, which has been linked to various age-related diseases and a decrease in overall vitality.

NMN is a molecule composed of a nicotinamide group and a ribose molecule, making it an intermediate in the NAD biosynthetic pathway. When NMN is consumed, it can be efficiently converted into NAD in the body, making it a popular choice for NAD supplementation.

But on the other hand, NR, or nicotinamide riboside, is another NAD precursor that has gained prominence. NR is a form of vitamin B3 that can be converted into NAD through a two-step enzymatic process. NR supplementation has shown promise in increasing NAD levels in various preclinical and clinical studies, making it another valuable precursor for those seeking to support their cellular NAD health.

Both of these precursors have been shown to effectively increase NAD+ levels in the body when taken in supplement form. So, which one should you take, and why?

It turns out the answer may be: both. 

The use of both NMN and NR as NAD precursors can be beneficial because they complement each other in the NAD biosynthesis pathway. 

While NMN provides a more direct route to NAD+ production, NR can serve as an indirect source by being converted to NMN. This redundancy helps maintain NAD levels and allows the body to adapt to varying conditions, ensuring a steady supply of this crucial coenzyme for various cellular processes. 

So while NMN and NR are both effective precursors to your body’s ability to create its own NAD, different tissues and organs (as well as different microbiomes) may prefer one precursor over the other. 

That’s why here at Jinfiniti, our patent formula helps your body create both in our Accuri® Vitality Boost. And, in fact, we’re the only company to do this in the world. 

So no matter which type of precursor suits you best, your body is able to create the cellular fuel—the NAD—your body needs. 

In summary: 

  • NMN and NR are both precursors to NAD.
  • Both precursors safely and effectively increase NAD levels when taken as a supplement.
  • Different tissues and organs (and different microbiomes) may prefer one precursor over the other.
  • Jinfiniti’s Accuri® Vitality Boost is the only NAD product in the world that helps your body activate both precursors, NMN and NR. 

The noted biohacker, expert Bryan Johnson, uses our product and has featured Jinfiniti in many of his Instagram posts. One of the most recognized authorities in the biohacking space, he has turned back his aging almost ten years and is a huge fan of Jinfiniti. Johnson recommends both our tests and our Accuri® Vitality Boost

Our formula also optimizes—not just improves—intracellular NAD for 90% of people alone, which no other NAD supplement can come close to promising.

And that’s why we confidently back it with a 60-day Money Back and Efficacy Guarantee.