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Precision medicine

Why Optimized, Precision Medicine is the Future of Health

Optimized, precision medicine is the future of health because no one person is the same, and when it comes to your health, shortcuts can be costly and even deadly. Imagine you a…

9 Powerful Benefits of Optimizing Your NAD

No other molecule comes close to helping your cells function optimally as much as NAD. While there is still extensive research being done on all the benefits of NAD, we see nine…

Andrew Huberman is Wrong About NAD, NMN, NR & Longevity

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Dr. Andrew Huberman is right about a lot of things in regards to health, but he’s wrong about NAD, NMN optimization and it’s role in slowing aging.

Everything You Need to Know About NAD Precursors, NMN and NR

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Let’s talk about precursors NMN and NR. What are they?  Precursors are the very things that your body uses to create its own NAD.  Out of all the precursors that exist…
brain health

The Brain’s Powerful Weapon Against Fatigue, Addiction and Disease

Did you know that the brain’s most powerful weapon against fatigue, neurodegenerative diseases, mental health, and addiction is a coenzyme that you were born with? Noted brain h…
aging seniors

The Six Root Reasons of Aging

If you can slow your aging, can you delay disease? If you delay disease, can you can delay death? “The loss of NAD as we age, and the resulting decline in sirtuin activity, is t…
healthy food

The Dirty Secret 88% of Americans Struggle With

88% of Americans are struggling with a problem that can lead to a plethora of diseases and low-life quality: Metabolic dysfunction.  It may not sound as terrible as autoimm…
seniors exercising

Secrets From the Blue Zones, Part 2

The final two of the five aspects about the Blue Zones are Community Engagement and Strong Sense of Purpose.  1. Community Engagement  A remarkable commonality through…