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Is Sleep Actually Medicine?

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Is sleep actually medicine?

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According to the latest statistics, nearly one in three Americans (about 84 million people) are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. 

And the quality of the sleep they are getting? That is yet to be determined. 

With the influx of wifi and cell phone signals in our homes (many times sleeping right next to us), the constant exposure to blue light (many times right before closing our eyes for the night) and inadequate levels of daily exercise, it’s safe to say that American sleep is deeply compromised. 
Sleep and NAD levels are intimately connected as well, forming a symbiotic relationship. 

NAD, the coenzyme found in all living cells, plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including energy metabolism and DNA repair. It’s the fuel that keeps our cellular machinery running smoothly. 

When it comes to sleep, it’s not just about our bodies shutting down for the night; it’s a complex choreography of physiological processes that ensure our bodies recover, repair, and recharge. And guess what? NAD is right there in the midst of it, pulling strings behind the scenes.

During sleep, particularly during the deep stages of sleep like slow-wave sleep (SWS), our bodies undergo a flurry of activities aimed at restoring and rejuvenating our physiological systems. This includes processes like protein synthesis, cellular repair, and the flushing out of toxins. And can you guess what these processes need to function optimally? That’s right—NAD. 

 - jinfiniti precision medicine

Studies have shown that NAD levels fluctuate throughout the sleep-wake cycle, peaking during periods of restorative sleep and declining during wakefulness. This rhythmic ebb and flow of NAD levels are crucial for maintaining cellular health and resilience.

But here’s the kicker: the relationship between sleep and NAD isn’t just a one-way street. While adequate sleep supports healthy NAD levels, NAD, in turn, influences our sleep patterns. How so? Well, NAD is intricately involved in regulating the body’s internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. This internal timekeeper governs our sleep-wake cycle, dictating when we feel sleepy and when we’re alert. 

Research suggests that NAD levels influence the activity of the proteins called sirtuins, which play a pivotal role in regulating circadian rhythms. So, in essence, by maintaining optimal NAD levels, we’re helping to keep our internal clocks ticking in harmony, promoting better sleep quality and overall health.

It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the top four comments we regularly receive from our customers has to do with the improvement of their sleep. “My sleep is noticeably better. I sleep longer, deeper, and wake up more refreshed.” 

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While there is yet to be more research done on the specific connection between NAD and sleep, the results of my customers and my own personal experience of sleep improvement since regularly taking our Vitality Boost indicates that it can have a significant impact.

As an NAD expert with decades of research, my suspicion is that the impact of optimizing your NAD impacts your sleep for several reasons:

  • NAD impacts your neurological functioning. Sleep is when your body clears out your neurological waste. Your brain does a neurological reset when you are sleeping especially when you are in deep sleep, the REM cycle and other stages of sleep. 
  • When you minimize inflammation, you naturally improve your sleep. When your body isn’t in pain, you sleep better. A bad back, sore knees, and general inflammation leads to a much lower quality of sleep. And Vitality Boost and NAD optimization has been shown to improve pain and inflammation consistently. 
  • Improved metabolic function improves sleep. When you’re sleeping, your metabolism dips by an average of 15%, allowing your body to repair itself. With optimizing your NAD, this has a downstream effect on repairing your body and improving your metabolism.

There’s absolutely no doubt that when  your sleep is improved, your mental health is improved. When your overall physical health improves, you’re sharper, you’re clearer thinking and you wake up more refreshed and renewed.

At Jinfiniti, our flagship NAD supplement, the Vitality Boost, is a patent-pending formulation that has been extensively tested in clinical studies by  hundreds of clinics and by thousands of consumers. It allows optimization of NAD in approximately 90% of users, a figure incomparable to any other NAD supplementation on the market. 

No other molecule comes close to helping your cells function optimally as much as NAD. 

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