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The 24 Hottest Biohacking Trends in 2024

One question we get asked a lot is, what are the latest biohacking trends? So today we want to breakdown the 24 hottest biohacking trends in 2024. Which of the hottest trends stand out as the most important for you? 

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According to our research here at the Jinfiniti, the following biohacking trends stand out, though there’s some that we’ve missed undoubtedly: 

1. A shift towards efficacy-based science.

Mindbody and Class Pass’s annual prediction details a shift in 2024’s consumers from misinformation toward science-based, performance-driven products and services. The report explains that consumers are using clinical studies and research as a metric in their wellness choices, while becoming increasingly savvy about what they put in their bodies and who they listen to for advice. 

2. NAD.

NAD, believe it or not, is still in the early stages of becoming mainstream. It will at least be another year before it leaps into larger adoption by the public. However, early adopters are already big believers in its 360 ability to optimize the human body. NAD plays a crucial role in the human body by serving as a coenzyme involved in over 500 cellular processes, including energy production and DNA repair.

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3. Metabolic function.

Most health disorders and diseases stem from some type of metabolic dysfunction. In 2024, understanding and optimizing metabolic function is gaining prominence as a crucial health trend because it directly impacts energy levels, weight management, and overall well-being. This is why it’s one of the six root causes of aging

4. Stem cell innovations.

Stem cell treatments show a lot of promise for treating different types of cancer and other joint/physical pain (although it is largely unvalidated through clinical trials). Whole body stem cell treatments are gaining popularity as well as other specific-use cases, though you’ll likely have to travel outside of the US to get treatments. If you do this, proceed with caution and do your research. 

5. Brain optimization.

Nootropics, NAD, brain exercise devices and at-home neurofeedback such as Apollo Neuro and Sensai are becoming extremely popular among the biohacking community. There is an uphill movement around getting mentally sharper as you age, something science supports as entirely possible.  

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6. Inflammation.

Inflammation and Pain innovations:  One of the top five health issues, it affects millions of people. Innovations are happening with the use of sound based devices like StemWave that activate stem cells in your body to reduce pain and even the use of psychedelics like ketamine and psilocybin to treat pain. Additionally, expect more high powered turmeric based supplements with other anti-inflammatory nutrients to emerge. As we learn more about how inflammation induces disease states, we’re accelerating ways to combat inflammation (NAD optimization, for instance, significantly reduces inflammation). Here at Jinfiniti, we have a new inflammation test and product coming out in the 1st half of the year to help combat one of the six root causes of aging.

7. Optimized gut health.

Gut health has become a major health trend because a balanced and thriving gut not only aids in effective digestion, but also influences aspects of overall well-being, from immune function to mood regulation. Supplements like Seed are groundbreaking in creating important innovations in probiotic delivery. 

8. Red light therapy.

Red light therapy is gaining popularity for its abilities to promote cellular repair, reduce inflammation, and enhance skin health. As the spectrum of colors expands, so does our depth of understanding.

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9. Mental health breakthroughs with psychedelics.

The use of psychedelics is showing promising breakthroughs by offering unique therapeutic perspectives, potentially bringing mental health breakthroughs to illnesses such as depression and PTSD through profound and transformative experiences. MDMA and psilocybin in particular are expected to be federally decriminalized in 2024, according to pioneers of the movement. 

10. The use of psychedelics to accelerate physical recovery and pain reductio.

Psychedelics are also being explored for physical rehab, with some studies suggesting their potential to assist in pain management and rehabilitation by altering perception and enhancing the mind-body connection. Rehabilitation for stroke victims (see here) and research is currently being done for dealing with pain (ketamine, for example, is being used with success to help treat chronic pain). 

11. Organ supplements.

Organ meats, used for most of humankind history and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, stopped being part of our regular diet after WWII, which contributes to missing elements in our diets. This article makes the case for it. If you’re looking for a great brand, Ancestral Supplements is one of the best brands for grass-fed organ supplements on the market.

12. Cold therapy.

Cold plunges and cryotherapy will continue to rise in popularity because of their abilities to reduce inflammation, accelerate muscle recovery, ramp up immune systems and regulate brain chemistry.

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13. Hot therapy.

Hot saunas, including red light saunas, are on the rise, for not only providing a relaxing moment in your day, but also for promoting cardiovascular health, detoxing and losing weight and easing muscle tension. 

14. Advanced pain relieving fibers.

Companies like Intelligent Threads are working with quantum principles and theoretical physicists to develop fibers that work with your body’s skeletal system and send signals to your muscles to relax. One of our team members bought a shirt at A4M and noticed an immediate relaxation effect in his body. 

15. Peptides.

While facing stiff regulatory challenges, you can expect that peptides will continue to occupy a prominent place in our minds, partly because of their effectiveness (and risk as well). Peptides act as versatile signaling molecules that can influence various physiological processes, making them essential for functions ranging from immune response to tissue repair to hormonal balance. 

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16. Mitochondrial function.

As more products come out that improve and elevate this vital component of our body’s health (our Vitality Boost, for instance, gives a huge improvement to mitochondrial function because NAD is used), we understand more and more that optimal mitochondrial health is crucial. These cellular powerhouses not only generate energy but also impact overall cellular function, influencing everything from metabolism and aging to disease resilience.

17. Biomarker testing.

You can expect an increase in awareness and usage of biomarker tests in our culture, because they offer personalized insights into individual health profiles and enable proactive wellness by assessing specific indicators that go far beyond traditional diagnostics. Plus, new tests will be coming out (we have several of our own).

18. EMS body suits for workouts.

These are expanding in popularity because of the potential to get the equivalent of a two-hour workout in 20 mins (+ 20 mins to get the suit on!). These workouts will leave you dripping with sweat. See this story for more information. 

19. New wearable health tech.

Sleep trackers, glucose monitors, step counters and smartwatches won’t be the only games in town for long, but you can expect these to expand in their abilities as well. I expect to see more at-home, wearable brain-optimization devices like Neurovizor or Sensai to gain traction.

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20. Glucose monitoring.

Glucose monitoring is important for managing overall health—and not just for individuals with diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar levels reduces the risk of later complications. Levels is arguably the best app on the market for this.

21. AI.

The use of helpful AI to give health insight, data, and recommendations will continue to accelerate as AI gets smarter every minute, literally. We can see a future where it’s recommending supplements, adjusting foods, recommending exercises, and helping you actively prevent disease.

22. Alcohol alternatives.

The rising popularity of foregoing alcohol reflects a trend towards cleaner, low-carb alternatives that align with a healthier lifestyle while offering a mindful approach to socializing. Hard ketones in particular are gaining popularity and improving in taste. Ketonaid has a tasty piña colada. Kratom is another supplement/drink that is gaining popularity with Kratom bars popping up around many parts of the country. 

23. Women’s health issues taking centerstage.

Did you know that almost all drug testing and development is done primarily with the white male in mind? This means that half of our species—with their unique hormone biochemistry makeup—is left out, not to mention the diversity of ethnicities who also get left out, and other individuals with unique DNA profiles, gut microbiome differences and more. This is a change we look forward to seeing take place all over the globe. 

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24. Wellness retreats.

The rising trend of wellness retreats underscores a collective desire for much more holistic well-being. People in the biohacking space crave rejuvenating escapes that are not only fun, but combine self-care practices, mindfulness activities, and healthy lifestyle choices, usually set in an idyllic setting. 

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