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Why Optimized, Precision Medicine is the Future of Health

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Optimized, precision medicine is the future of health because no one person is the same, and when it comes to your health, shortcuts can be costly and even deadly.

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Imagine you are about to board a flight and the pilot makes the following announcement: “I have an important update about today’s flight. There’s a five percent chance that you will land in the wrong city. Additionally, there’s another five percent chance that you will not safely make it to your destination and may perish onboard. Boarding will begin in approximately five minutes.”

We expect 100% precision for landing in the right city safely every time we board a flight. No exceptions. We expect 100% precision from Starbucks when we order our favorite beverage. We expect 100% successful delivery from our order, don’t we?

But astonishingly, when it comes to our health, we’ve become used to accepting far less precision, even when there are far more serious consequences than getting the wrong Frappuccino. 

Take cancer, for example. 

In the US alone, 86,500 cancer patients (5%) are misdiagnosed every year, leading to wrong treatments, accidental deaths, and unnecessary suffering. I don’t know about you, but if it’s my loved one who’s dealing with cancer and there’s a 5% chance of misdiagnosis, that’s far too high. Plus, by the time you’ve got cancer, you’ve got a full-blown problem that often would have been preventable with more advanced testing. 

All this to say: which diseases could you prevent with a greater precision approach to your health?

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Just like when it comes to getting on an airplane, when it comes to my health or the health of my loved ones, I never want to “wing” it. 

But sadly, most Americans have more data on their social media profiles than they have on their health and vitality. 

And, regardless of what Apple or Fitbit may want you to believe, steps-per-day is not a biomarker. 

A real biomarker anticipates potential issues that can become full-blown diseases. It’s common sense that when your body is functioning optimally, you are less likely to get diseases and experience significant health issues. 

This is the promise of the advanced health tests we offer at Jinfiniti. Our Advanced Aging Panel tests for 22 key biomarkers, half of which are not available via any other test in the world, and all of which are contributing factors to creating disease states in your body. 

Step trackers, sleep monitors, and glucose monitors are all helpful, but none are as vital, precise, or comprehensive as our Aging SOS panels (both the standard and the advanced).

Since NAD is the primary fuel source for no less than 500 cellular processes and since having optimal levels of NAD is vital to peak energy, health and slowing aging, this is the easiest and most affordable testing option to begin extending the good years of your life. 

Jinfiniti’s NAD test is $248 and can be done from the comfort of your home. (Use the code optimal20 to get 20% off your first order.) If you are purchasing one of our Aging SOS biomarker panels, please note that NAD testing is already included with those. 

In the Western world, “normal health” isn’t healthy. Optimal is healthy. So never settle for normal when you can be optimal. 

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And if you’re 50+ years old, your NAD levels are likely not optimal unless you’ve been taking our vitality boost for quite some time. According to extensive research, the average healthy 50-year-old has lost 50% of their NAD levels. 

Is there someone you want to be healthy and feeling optimal for? 

I do. I have two young girls and I want to be in optimal health for them for as long as possible. 

This is a huge part of our mission here at Jinfiniti: Living in prime, optimal health so we can enjoy our time with loved ones, doing all the things that make life worth living.

And that’s why precision medicine matters.

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P.S. Want to boost your intracellular NAD levels? Try a 2 week trial of our Jinfiniti Vitality Boost (do 2 scoops per day), use the discount code welcome20 if you’re a new customer for 20% off your 1st order).