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The Dirty Secret 88% of Americans Struggle With

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88% of Americans are struggling with a problem that can lead to a plethora of diseases and low-life quality: Metabolic dysfunction. 

It may not sound as terrible as autoimmune diseases, diabetes or heart disease, but guess what? It’s where all of those diseases come from. 

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If this interests you as much as it does us, here is the number one way to decrease your metabolic dysfunction, age you quicker and increase your likelihood of diseases: 

Eat processed foods. 

The most important thing to know about your food is not what’s in it. It’s what has been done to it to make it processed. And yes, even your organic box of cereal that’s made with all-natural ingredients can still qualify as processed poison. 

Did you know that the USDA and the FDA are fully aware of the dangers of processed foods, yet continue to allow grocery stores to sell them? All while knowing that this so-called food is slowly poisoning the consumers of the United States.  

Food writer Mark Bittmas says that since food is defined as a “substance that provides nutrition and promotes growth” and poison is a “substance that promotes illness,” then “much of what is produced by industrialized agriculture is, quite literally, not food but poison.” 

Dr. Robert Lustig compiles reasons for why Big Food’s processed diet is making us sick, and why it’s designed that way on purpose so that more sick people will require the drugs Big Pharma is offering. 

Dr. Lustig explains that of the eight pathologies (Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Influenza and Pneumonia, and Kidney Disease) that are most commonly killing us, none of them are curable via drugs. 

Five of them respond to exercise, which is vital; however, as Dr. Lustig says, you can’t outrun a bad diet.

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The only thing that responds to all eight pathologies is food. Real food nourishes us on a metabolic level. That’s because our bodies know what to do with real food. It breaks it down into assimilable vitamins and minerals, which convert into cellular food like NAD, thus, increasing metabolic function. 

Real foods give your body essential vitamins and minerals that help your body create vitally important cellular food such as NAD—one of the building blocks of nearly every cellular process in the human body. 

“If you do not fix your food, you continue to court disease and untimely death. If we do not fix our food, we will continue to court societal and planetary oblivion.”—Dr. Robert Lustig

In America, we spend 97.5 percent of our healthcare budget on individual treatment and only 0.5 percent of our budget on preventative care. 

In reality, this bad cycle of only reactively treating symptoms while continuing to under-nourish our cells leads to a collective, societal breakdown of our cellular health and metabolic dysfunction.

Thankfully, the people we serve are proactive, not reactive with their health. Here at Jinfiniti, we offer groundbreaking NAD testing and supplementation; two of the most powerful things you can do right now for your metabolic health.

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