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The Big Lie We Believe About Our Health

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You’ve been told you’re healthy…but let’s be honest, you may not feel as great as you did when you were 30, assuming you were a healthy 30-year-old. The big lie that most of us believe is that we’re “healthy” when actually we’re just normal.

And in America, the harsh truth is that “normal” isn’t very healthy at all.

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Normal isn’t healthy. Optimal is healthy. Don’t settle for normal when you can be optimal. And if you’re 50+ years old, your NAD levels are likely not optimal unless you’ve been taking our vitality boost for quite some time.

Did you know that according to extensive research, the average healthy 50-year-old has lost 50% of their NAD levels? 

 - jinfiniti precision medicine

Even individuals with high activity levels usually have lower cellular NAD than the average person their age.

That’s because NAD is fuel for cellular function (over 500 cellular processes, in fact). And whether you’re exercising your body or just aging gracefully, you are definitely burning fuel. 

The good news is that you can get your NAD levels optimized and experience all that your body will offer you from an optimized state. And there’s never been a better time to begin than now. 

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Plus, a little known secret we should let you in on is that most supplement companies are not research-driven, so they’re shooting in the dark with their dosage suggestions.  

We’re not shooting in the dark.

Instead, we give you precision with actionable, data driven insights with the only NAD test available plus the only NAD optimization supplement. We’ve studied thousands of test results, tried and tested the dosage and ingredients, and discovered, based on scientific evidence, what works for 90% of the population.

Your body will thank you. 

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