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4 Ways Your Health Might be Suffering Right Now

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Your body lets you know when your health might be suffering. It tells you when you have a cold, when you’ve been eating poorly, or when you are so tired upon waking up that you have to drag yourself to that first cup of coffee. 

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But what you may not know is that your health and the way you feel could be suffering mightily if you have a shortage of one critical molecule in your body, NAD.

When our NAD levels are suboptimal, our health suffers in a big way.

That includes a few things like: 

  • Cellular aging
  • Insulin resistance 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • High oxidative stress 

Unfortunately, the list goes on. 

But thankfully, based on thousands of test results and studies we’ve done, we now have a solution. 

That’s because every day I talk with people just like you who have optimized their NAD levels and experienced life-changing health benefits. 

Here are 3 key physical signs that our customers notice when taking our science-based Accuri® Vitality Boost:

  1. A sharp decrease in inflammation 

Inflammation is the #1 cause of most diseases, and one of NAD’s most powerful properties is its anti-inflammatory nature. On a microscopic level, your cells will be able to clean up and function more optimally, which in turn benefits your exterior, too! Swelling and bloating decreases and skin problems clear up, too. 

  1. A massive increase in natural energy levels 

Say bye to the jitters from your  mid-afternoon coffee or energy drink! NAD fuels your cells with real energy, enabling you to think clearer and experience razor-sharp vision, while your stamina becomes what it was a decade ago. (And yes, that includes all of the kinds of stamina—sexual included!) A large increase in energy is one of the most commonly-reported physical benefits our customers report.

  1. A noticeable improvement in your sleep  

Poor sleep quality can ruin more than just your day: it can wreak devastation on your whole body and wellbeing. And what does NAD have to do with this? NAD is involved with the genes that have to do with sleeping, so when you have lower NAD levels, it’s possible you will experience poor sleep quality. Optimal NAD levels = optimal sleep!

These are just three of the physical benefits you can experience from taking our evidence-backed Accuri® Vitality Boost

Every day, our customers tell us the life-changing transformations they’re experiencing from optimizing their NAD levels. The exact benefits vary from person to person (some customers report things as varied as hair growth and athletic performance boosts!) but nearly everyone experiences something physically transformative. 

With verified lab-tested results, Accuri® Vitality Boost raises your NAD levels within as little as two weeks. Guess how many other products on the market can do that for you? None of them. 

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If you’re curious about whether or not your NAD levels need to be optimized, you can grab the only NAD test in the world available [here.] 

If you need to re-stock or purchase our evidence-backed NAD+ supplement, Accuri® Vitality Boost, the only supplement backed by both a 30-day Money Back and Efficacy Guarantee, you can do so [here.] 

No other company backs their products with the opportunity to verify the results. Just us. 

In my next blog post, we’re going to talk about the most important biomarkers you need to be paying attention to in order to slow your aging in its tracks. 

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