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Three Reasons Most NAD Supplements Don’t Work

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It’s a special molecule you probably know as NAD and it’s all the rage right now, mostly because this coenzyme is crucial to nearly every cellular process in the human body. It’s linked to longevity and vital health span, to wiping out chronic fatigue and eliminating your risk for disease. Unfortunately, most NAD supplements don’t work very well, and for three main reasons.

Aside from the incredible benefits and wild claims that many NAD supplement companies make, most of them are unable to deliver on their promises. 

The majority of NAD supplements don’t work for three main reasons: 

  1. Many NAD supplements are made of the wrong molecule. 

Some companies make and sell NAD supplements as a whole molecule, which doesn’t pass the gut barrier because it’s simply too big. Jinfiniti’s Accuri® Vitality Boost is made of a patent-pending formula that incorporates the smallest molecule of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), Creatine Monohydrate, D-Ribose and Niacinamide where creates maximum absorbency.. 

  1. Most NAD supplements are lacking in quality and efficacy.

Unfortunately, most NAD supplement companies source less fresh or lower-quality ingredients, and because they can’t confirm their supplement’s efficacy with in-house testing (like Jinfiniti can) they aren’t able to track actual results. 

Here at Jinfiniti Precision Medicine, we are more rigorous than most because our founders have a combined 60+ years of research and development in this field. (Fun fact: our founder, Dr. She, discovered the Type I Diabetes gene.) We only source the purest, freshest ingredients and we don’t stop there. We then lab test our products to ensure highest efficacy possible. 

And by the way, we are the only company that has in-house NAD lab results because we are the creators of the only intracellular NAD test in the world. 

  1. Most NAD supplements are suggesting the wrong dosage. 

The reason most companies underdose their NAD supplementation is because they cannot measure and track NAD levels in your blood like we can. In the Jinfiniti labs, we see results from other providers all the time. We have tested some of the biggest brands in the world (the ones that spend millions in advertising) and after testing we’ve observed that our clients only receive incremental improvement from other NAD supplements. At best, they’ll experience a 20-40% improvement. 

This compares to what you might have seen with Doc Jen, who tripled her NAD levels in four weeks, from an NAD level of 18.3 to 60.4 (over 300%). Her husband, Dr. Dominic Fraboni, who took the Accuri® Vitality Boost with her, also experienced a 300% increase.  

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to them tell their incredible story here

There’s no question that NAD is essential to longevity and optimization. It’s arguably the most critical player in cellular energy production; and it serves as a coenzyme for various enzymes involved in DNA repair, cell signaling, and the regulation of circadian rhythms. Optimal levels of NAD are absolutely necessary in order to optimize your health or slow aging. But with so many options on the market, which route is the best? 

Here’s our suggestion, based on thousands of consumer tests and lab results: Test your levels. Here at Jinfiniti, we empower you with the world’s only intracellular NAD test, available here

And thankfully, no matter how low your levels are, we can help you optimize them. 

Our Accuri® Vitality Boost (the same NAD supplement that Doc Jen and Dr. Fraboni took) is the NAD supplement with the highest efficacy in the world. We know from thousands of tests from everyday people (as well as leading scientists, biohackers, MDs and health professionals) that our formula will optimize, not just improve, intracellular NAD for 90% of people alone, which no other NAD supplement can come close to promising. 

And because we stand behind our NAD-optimizing Accuri® Vitality Boost, we encourage you to retest and see the results for yourself. 

No other supplement brand on the market offers the ability to take their supplement and test to see if it’s working. 

And that’s because no other supplement on the market compares to the efficacy and transparency of Jinfiniti’s Accuri® Vitality Boost

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