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Unlocking Longevity with the Key to Your Cellular Health

This guide to NAD+ answers the 17 most important questions relating to NAD optimization.

The free guide covers the most critical information to understand when learning about NAD+ and how to maximize this important molecule to increase energy, boost performance, improve sleep, reduce muscle and joint pain, and improve overall health and longevity.

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“This helpful and easy-to-understand Guide enabled me to understand the science behind NAD+ optimization and the specific actionable steps to boost my NAD+ levels.”
John Smith, Seattle, WA

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Meet Jinfiniti Precision Medicine’s Chief Scientist

Dr. Jin-Xiong She, an accomplished academic, received his education in China and France. He has held prestigious positions at renowned institutions such as the University of Florida and the Medical College of Georgia. With over 400 peer-reviewed papers, 15 doctoral students mentored, and $100 million in research grants secured, Dr. She is a respected figure in the field of genomic medicine. He has served in leadership roles, including President of the Chinese Geneticists in America and the American Diabetes Association’s council on Immunology, transplantation, and Immunogenetics. Additionally, Dr. She is a successful entrepreneur, having founded multiple companies. For more information, refer to his LinkedIn and Google Scholar profiles.

Unlocking Longevity with the Key to Your Cellular Health
The critical 8 questions most commonly asked, and you will learn when you download your free copy


Why NAD+ is considered to be foundational to overall health and wellness.


What is the science behind NAD+ and how does it impact longevity?


The scientifically proven methods you can follow to boost your NAD+ level.


The best supplements to take to boost your NAD+.


The two commonly recommended, but proven to be ineffective, NAD+ boosting interventions when clinically tested in the lab.


At what age should you start worrying about your NAD+ levels?


What are signs of low NAD+ levels?


The potential side effects and health risks of taking NAD supplements