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Slowing aging may be possible with recent discoveries with sirtuins.

4 Ways to Have a Fantastic, Energy-Rich 2024

Who wants to have a fantastic 2024 with energy to spare? Who wants to feel energized and empowered without reaching for a second cup of coffee during your afternoon lull—or maybe without reaching for a first? 

If you’re anything like me, much of the quality of your year depends on your energy levels. If your energy levels are low, it’s hard to have a productive year, but if you feel amazing and your energy levels are soaring, it’s hard not to have an incredible year. 

So today I want to focus on some simple—but attainable—steps to having a great cellular-energy year. 

Here’s one of my favorite stories from a recent customer who submitted a review on our site: 

“Within two weeks of taking Accuri I noticed my energy levels increasing. Additionally, I have always been a walker, but this past summer I was often fatigued after 3 or 4 miles. After taking Accuri for a month or so, I’d walk 10-15 miles without fatigue.”


Regarding testimonials, we’re giving away 1 free bottle of Vitality Boost to our favorite review every week for the next several weeks!

But back to the steps for your best cellular-energy year yet. Let’s begin: 

1. Eat energy rich foods and avoid energy depleting foods.

Energy-rich foods are the powerhouse fuel that our bodies crave to keep us going throughout the day. These foods are packed with macronutrients like complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and clean proteins. So, whether you’re reaching for a handful of nuts, a bowl of roasted purple sweet potatoes, a piece of salmon or a delicious avocado, choose energy-rich foods that fuel your body with the power it needs to meet the demands of the day. 

And while eating all of these good foods, make sure you are avoiding foods that kill your energy, foods such as: processed foods, refined sugars, excessive caffeine, and alcohol. Eating any of these things regularly is a sure way to feel like a tired zombie in 2024. 

2. Take energy enhancing supplements like Vitamin Bs and creatine.

Vitamin B and creatine are a dynamic duo when it comes to boosting your physical energy. The B-vitamins—especially B12 and B6, play a pivotal role in converting the food we eat into usable energy. They assist in the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to muscles, enhancing overall stamina. 

Creatine, for its part, is like a power-up button for your muscles. It helps generate ATP, the primary energy currency in cells, allowing for quick bursts of energy during intense physical activities. 

Together, these two work in synergy to optimize energy production at the cellular level.

3. Exercise 3-4 times per week. 

Did you know that exercise is the only thing that causes our mitochondria to reproduce on its own? 

Exercising 3-4 times a week can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting your physical energy levels. Regular physical activity is like a shot of adrenaline for your entire system. Not only does it improve cardiovascular health, enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery, but it also stimulates the release of endorphins—those feel-good hormones that act as natural energy boosters. 

Regular exercise promotes better sleep quality, allowing your body to recharge and rejuvenate, which becomes a positive cycle—the more you move, the more energy you have, and the better you sleep, and the more energy you have to move again! 

4. Take Vitality Boost

NAD is the body’s most important powerhouse when it comes to influencing its energy levels. It is a key player in cellular respiration, the process that converts nutrients into energy. NAD is linked closely to mitochondrial health, the energy producing hubs within our cells. But as we age, of course, NAD levels tend to decline, which impacts overall energy metabolism, and thus—our overall physical energy. 

If you want peak energy in 2024, we recommend starting an NAD supplement. 

And as far as NAD supplements go, look no further than our Vitality Blend, the best NAD optimization product in the world. It optimizes—not just improves—intracellular NAD for 90% of people alone, which no other NAD supplement can come close to promising. 

While other brands increase NAD levels by 20-40% at best, we often see levels increase by 200-300% like we did with Doc Jen, a prominent doctor of physical therapy who loves the Vitality Boost. We even back it with a 60-day Money Back and Efficacy Guarantee. And that’s because we back up the Vitality Boost with real testing, where all of the proof lies! 

Some bonus suggestions for the most energy-rich 2024 yet? 

  • Protect your energy like it’s your job.
  • Get outside. 
  • Pay attention to your cellular energy like your quality of life depends on it (here’s a hint: it does) 
  • Test your NAD levels. There’s nothing better and more accurate for knowing where your cellular energy is currently at and where it can go. 

Remember, an energy-rich year is a great year. 

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