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My energy is linear…no crashes and I feel great all day…for the first time in a long time.

In early August, a friend of mine told me about Jinfiniti’s NAD test and their Vitality boost and how it may help in athletic recovery and more. 

Knowing NAD has some famous fans like Joe Rogan, the New England Patriots, Bryan Johnson, Dr. David Sinclair, I was eager to try it out for myself and ultimately for my athletes who are always looking for that extra edge in both mental and physical performance. 

When I was tested early in August, I know I wasn’t at my best. I do my best to rejuvenate, to get great recovery, but I go hard as you know if you’ve been following me. And so do my clients and my podcast listeners. 

My NAD levels on the first Jinfiniti test came in at severely deficient, which confirms what I was feeling. For months, I felt more fatigued, recovery was taking longer, and I just didn’t have the energy inside I’m used to having. I had to rely on grit more. 

I still regularly experienced

  • Higher than normal levels of fatigue (like my cells were tired)
  • Didn’t wake up as energized as I used to
  • Recovery wasn’t as good after a work out
  • Metabolism seemed to be lower

Sure enough, when we did the NAD test from Jinfiniti, my levels were severely deficient

If your NAD levels are deficient, what does that mean?

In laymen’s terms, NAD is the central fuel source for your cells. If you’re low on NAD, which I was (and Dom was too, though less so), then your cells are tired.

NAD is used in over 500 cellular processes and is a vital coenzyme for your body.

Your metabolism slows, which means unwanted body fat can stay on easier. Your cells can’t repair themselves making you more prone to sickness. You feel tired. Mental health and mental clarity may suffer.

As you age, NAD levels drop precipitously. Have you ever noticed the average 20 year deals with far fewer health challenges than the average 80 year old?

One of the core reasons is aging. At 80 years old your cells have aged and they are not able to repair themselves. Early research from leading aging experts like Dr. David Sinclair (author of Lifespan) at renowned institutions like Harvard Medical School indicate that one of the primary culprits may be loss of NAD levels which lowers your metabolic functioning and thus your body’s inability to fight off diseases (data/clinical trials).

“NAD levels decline during aging, and the only way to know if or how it can be reversed is through regular NAD quantification. With that in mind, NAD quantification with Jinfiniti is essential to my goal of minimizing disease risk, slowing aging and potentially, maximizing lifespan.”

Dr. Michael Lustgarten
PhD. Nutrition and Aging Scientist, Tufts University, Conquer Aging or Die Trying YouTube Channel

After five weeks of taking Jinfiniti’s Vitality Boost, my levels came up 50% despite missing some days.

Here are just a few of the results I’m beginning to see:

  • I have felt much more myself energy wise
  • My mental and physical stamina seems to be increasing

  • My metabolism is coming back
  • I am bouncing back faster and better from workouts
Jinfiniti’s Vitality Boost has now become one of my most important daily supplements.

What Makes Jinfiniti Different:

With most supplements you’re guessing on whether it works and whether you’re taking the right dosage.

Because we are driven by the science as a precision health company, we can measure your before and after levels.

Besides noticeably feeling better, we retested and could verify that the supplement was working instead of just guessing and hoping it wasn’t another supplement that wasn’t really making a noticeable difference.

Jinfiniti can test your NAD, plus 23 other biomarkers with their advanced tests.

3 Ways to Get Started On Optimizing Your Most Vital Nutrient: NAD

NAD Optimization  Starter Kit

$814 value for $634. Use code NEURO20 to make it $507.


Vitality Boost

$158 value for $138. Use code NEURO20 to make it $110.


2 Weeks Trial

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Oh, one other thing, the best part is they have a double risk Free Guarantee:
Efficacy Guarantee: over 90% of people are able to optimize their NAD levels on Vitality boost alone.
Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the results from your Vitality Boost, you can ask for a full refund. *All test sales are final.

Lastly, Jinfiniti has over 2100 MD’s and health clinics around the world using their tests and products. Plus, countless pro athletes (NFL players especially), and everyday people like you and me that want to feel better, live healthy, and maximize longevity.

One last thing I should mention, boosting your NAD levels helps combat the Six Root causes of aging and disease (so another reason I’m so big on this the more I’ve learned about it).

Six Root Causes of Aging & Diseases

Jinfiniti provides the essential biomarker, testing and nutraceuticals to address
the six root causes of aging and disease.
Nad & Other Micronutrient Deficiencies
Oxidative Stress / DNA Damage
Glycation / Blood Sugar
Chronic Inflammation
Cellular Senescence
Disturbed Metabolism

Act now to Live Healthier Longer

Boost your cellular energy and health in as little as 3 weeks.