Actionable aging biomarkers
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AgingSOS™ is the first commercially available blood panel for actionable aging biomarkers.

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What are aging biomarkers?

Aging biomarkers are medical measurements of molecular and cellular functions that are altered with age and predispose aging persons to higher risks of developing age-related diseases.

Aging biomarkers can tell you:

  • Your biological age.
  • Whether you need to intervene to slow your aging.
  • How you can intervene to reduce your risks of developing age-related diseases and maximize your healthspan and lifespan.
  • Test if your interventions are working.

The AgingSOS™ panel

AgingSOS™ measures your blood biomarkers to give us a picture of your genomic instability, epigenetic alteration, inflammation, cellular senescence, oxidative stress.

Test Function
NAD+ and NADH Anti-aging
Vitamin D Anti-aging
Glycated proteins Anti-aging
Albumin Inflammation
hs-CRP Inflammation
Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) Inflammation
Antioxidants Oxidative stress
Oxidants Oxidative stress
SA-β-galactosidase Senescence
MyDNAge® (sold separately) Epigenetic age

Testing methods are thoroughly validated. Client samples are run with reference to contemporaneous standards on state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for maximum accuracy.

Test results are reported along with the best available ranges in healthy people and in patients with certain age-related diseases, thus enabling meaningful assessment baselines and intervention efficacy.

For those of you who are proactive about your health and value diet and exercise, AgingSOS™ can bring to your attention something you have overlooked. No matter who you are, the body breaks down as you age. Being proactive and correcting aging at the molecular level can prevent chronic diseases in the future.

Chronic inflammation and senescence, for example, can create a pro-carcinogenic environment where the rate of DNA mutations increase and growth factors are abundant [2].

High oxidative stress occurs when oxidants overpower the body's antioxidant capacity and is involved in cardiovascular, lung, kidney, and brain diseases as well as cancer [3][4]. Oxidative stress accelerates aging by damaging DNA, lipids, and proteins. Some damage can lead to chronic inflammation, DNA mutations, senescence, or cancer [5].

It's well known that genetic and environmental factors drive aging throughout life. If you want to extend your healthspan, the first step is to measure your aging biomarkers so you know what to you need to fix.

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