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The Longevity Solution Provider
Helps You Extend
Healthspan & Lifespan

  • Test actionable biomarkers

  • Act proactively, precisely, persistently

  • Optimize outcomes with data guidance

  • Enhance Performance

    Athletic, Physical, Mental & Sexual

    Eliminating or reducing major subhealth issues can only improve and maximize performance at different levels. Testing and personalized management is a successful, doable, and affordable strategy for everyone, a super athlete or a regular person alike.

  • Maximize Lifespan

    The best dream after immortality!

    While immortality is a desire for many in history and today, the question will remain an academic debate for generations to come. What is possible now is to increase the maximum lifespan. Jinfiniti helps you to evaluate the safety and efficacy of your chosen life extension program via comprehensive and customized biomarker testing.

  • Fend off diseases and injuries

    Live Healthier Longer.

    Three quarters of the adult population has various suboptimal health, or subhealth, the silent killer responsible for all age-related diseases. Biomarker testing reveals subhealth and allows precision and personalized intervention as well as monitoring of therapeutic effectiveness. This strategy can easily extend healthspan by a decade or two.



TAO, Longevity and Immortality

What is TAO?

TAO stands for Test, Act, Optimize. TAO roots deep in an ancient Chinese philosophy, the Taoism (Daoism), the teaching that all living creatures ought to live in a state of harmony with the universe, and the energy found in it.  Yin-Yang in Taoism describes how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. This philosophy appears to govern how the universe works and it also applies to aging and life in general. The Yin-Yang duality lies at the origins of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and other sciences.

The Yin and Yang duality in life is the DNA/genes (Yin, Dark) and the environment or non-genetic factors (Yan, Light). The genes, inherited from your parents, are the master code for your health and longevity, and they usually do not change over your lifetime. However, the activity of the genes is constantly altered by many non-genetic, also known as environmental, factors inside and outside of your body. These non-genetic factors are modifiable and affect how you age and have a huge impact on your health, but you are in control of them and your healthspan.

At the beginning of life, the Yin-Yang forces are usually in perfect balance and harmony, and the cells and body function well. If one can stay in perfectly harmonious state forever, immortality is the result as achieved by the Taoist Eight Immortals. The goal in longevity shall be to stay in a close to perfect state for as long as possible. As we age, the Yin-Yang balance becomes increasingly broken down, resulting in more severe subhealth state and higher susceptibility to diseases and injuries, and ultimately death, when the system is totally broken down. Fortunately, the health state is reversible and longevity is possible with Jinfiniti’s TAO philosophy and practice.

TAO describes a process that helps you to stay at the harmonious state or to stop the progression and reverse to an ever more harmonious state.  

The 8 Pillars of TAO


Proactivity is the secret to a successful health outcome. The sooner you act, the better outcome you will get. You are never too young to take control of your healthspan.


Biomarker testing is a blueprint of your current and future health.  Biomarker data can be turned into a roadmap to prevention and treatment solutions. Don’t guess, Test!


You are only as strong as your weakest link. Biomarker testing data allow you to prioritize the subhealth issues or diseases that you need to address and mitigate.


An ounce of prevention is truly better than a pound of cure. Most diseases and injuries are preventable if they are detected and intervened upon in a timely manner. 


Ever wonder if your health regimen is really effective and not just hit or miss guesswork? Precision intervention, informed by biomarker data, can improve efficacy and avoids side effects.


We all have a different genetic blueprint and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to our health and longevity. Personalization of a health and longevity program suitable to you is essential to your goals. 

Parallel (Holistic)

There isn’t going to be a magic longevity pill. No single action can provide optimal outcomes.  Your healthspan is like a puzzle, with many interrelated pieces that require a holistic strategy for success.


Rome was not built in a day. Your current health status did not happen overnight. Consistency, perseverance, and persistence can get you to your optimum health and performance goals.

3 Easy Steps to TAO Your Longevity

Step 1: Test & Reveal Your Main Causes of Aging & Diseases

Test is a great IDEA!

    • Identify specific abnormalities. 

    • Define optimal ranges.

    • Evaluate efficacy, or the lack, of interventions.

    • Adjust strategy and dosage for optimization.

Six Root Causes of Aging & Diseases:

  • NAD & other micronutrient deficiencies

  • Oxidative stress / DNA damage

  • Glycation / blood sugar

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Cellular senescence

  • Disturbed metabolism

Jinfiniti specializes in developing and testing innovative longevity biomarkers. There are many biomarkers to choose from and the Jinfiniti team is here to help you make the right choice most suitable for your goals. Some of the important biomarkers are only available from Jinfiniti:

Intracellular NAD® Test

NAD is arguably the most important molecule to keep our cells function properly. Without NAD, there is no cellular energy and there is no life! NAD declines sharply around 30 years of age in most people and continue to decline as we age. Some infants also have suboptimal NAD levels. NAD deficiency is implicated in all major diseases and suboptimal health conditions including long COVID, chronic fatigue and neurological diseases.

NAD Optimization can:
  • Increase energy / reduce chronic fatigue

  • Enhance performance

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Reduce inflammation, muscle & joint pains

  • Reduce symptoms due to many diseases

  • Prevention of diseases & complications

  • Increase response to therapies

Raising and optimizing NAD levels is the first and necessary step that every person should take to stay healthy, improve physical and athletic performance and maximize healthy longevity. The good news is that there are very efficacious and relatively affordable supplements to optimize NAD level. Testing NAD levels before and after supplementation is the key to figure out whether your NAD management is successful or not.

Cellular Senescence

The first and only senescence test available to consumer.

Senescent cells are “aging” or “zombie” cells that accumulate in our body with age and major diseases and subhealth conditions. They do not function properly, do not die as they should, and more seriously secrete large numbers and quantities of molecules such as inflammatory proteins that are bad for the proper function of the cells nearby and remotely.

Elimination of senescent cells is believed to be a very important tool to achieve better health and longer lifespan. Jinfiniti’s senescence test allows you to assess your senescence burden in the whole body and monitor efficacy of senolytic therapy.

AgingSOS® panels

The Ultimate Longevity Biomarker Panel to identify major subhealth issues and assess your overall health.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies (NAD & Vitamin D)
  • Cellular senescence
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation and immune function
  • Metabolic biomarkers: glycation, glucose control, insulin resistance
  • Major organ health: heart, liver, kidney, bone, muscle, brain, pancreas

You are only as strong as your weakest link!

The AgingSOS panel is designed to identify your weakest link at the current time and provides guidance for targeted intervention that is mostly needed before more serious problems arise.

Step 2: Act to achieve your goals according to the 8 pillars

6 Essential Actions for Health & Longevity

#1. Be active physically

A active life style is one of the most essential elements to healthy longevity. The amount, types, strength and typing of physical activities are all important to stay healthy and young.

#2. Eat well

Balanced nutrition, eat the right amount and at the right time, intermittent fasting.

#3. Sleep well and enough

Sleep enough hours, Get enough deep sleep, Sleeping early and at defined time

#4. Avoid harmful exposures

Stress, Pollution and toxins, Radiation & UV rays, Infections and Injuries

#5. Detoxification

Clean toxic waste and senescent/dead cells in the blood, tissues, organs, gut and other cavities

#6. Rebuild and Revitalize

Take supplements & therapies you really need

Take supplements & therapies of known efficacy & safety

Take the safe and efficacious dosage

Start with essential vitamins: NAD, Vitamin D3, etc.

Monitor safety and efficacy

Use biomarker data as guidance

Step 3: Optimize Your Outcomes and Live Healthier Longer

Periodic retesting allows you to assess efficacy of your health program

Efficacy of treatment not only depends on the product but also your personal characteristics.  There is not one-size-fit-all solution. 

Historical data allows you to fine tune your health program

With continuous progress towards a perfect health, you can use data to adjust your health management plan.

Data allow you to assess emerging new needs for more advanced treatment strategies

Jinfiniti’s ultimate goal is to help each and every customer to achieve desired outcome in health, performance, longevity and happiness.

TAO is an iterative process

There is no magic solution to longevity!  It is an iterative process that one should start as early as possible. It is never too young or too old to take actions, but the sooner you act, the better outcome you can achieve.

Why Jinfiniti?

Recognized as an industry trailblazer and leader!

Longevity Biomarkers Trailblazer, 2022

20 most innovative companies to watch, 2021

Top 5 life-extension blood-test company, 2021

Science-driven company

Founded and run by a world class scientist. All decisions are made based on science and science only.

Data-driven approach

Jinfiniti uses a data-driven approach to its science, research & development and commercialization.

Outcome-proven solutions

Jinfiniti generates data and provide products to help doctors and individual customers to achieve desirable outcomes.

What are doctors and customers
saying about Jinfiniti?

  • Vonda Wright

    MD, Orthopedic Sports Surgeon, President Hughston Ortho, Aging Expert, Orlando

    The new science and technology of aging now allows clinicians to care for people as individuals with precision. Using the AgingSOS® biomarker panel and NAD testing from Jinfiniti enables me to design precision treatments and lifestyle program for my patients. The process is easy, Dr. She is an amazing resource and the data from these tests has literally enable treatment plans that change my patients lives and healthspan.

  • Michael Lustgarten

    PhD. Nutrition and Aging Scientist, Tufts University, Conquer Aging or Die Trying YouTube Channel

    NAD levels decline during aging, and the only way to know if or how it can be reversed is through regular NAD quantification. With that in mind, NAD quantification with Jinfiniti is essential to my goal of minimizing disease risk, slowing aging and potentially, maximizing lifespan.

  • Tez Steinberg

    Ultra Endurance Athlete, 1st to solo row California to Hawaii, plan to solo row from Hawaii to Australia in December 2023

    I’m loving your Vitality Boost supplements! After taking dozens of different supplements for years, this feels like one of the most transformative products I’ve ever experienced. And, the AgingSOS test is superb – easy to use, and such useful information in the analysis and recommendations. I’m already seeing the benefits in my performance.

  • Dr. Jeff Tucker

    Past President, American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council, Los Angles

    As a practitioner learning about NAD from Dr. She has been an outstanding experience. Personally, taking the Accuri Vitality Boost has been an excellent addition to my supplement stack. The easy NAD blood test allowed me to find out my NAD levels before and after supplementation. The powder provided definite increases in my NAD score but more importantly I did feel a clear, solid uptick in energy and cognitive function. Testing for NAD levels and having a quality product gives me confidence in what I’m asking my patients to do to improve. Jinfiniti is now a part of my holistic approach to health care and longevity. Dr. She and the entire Jinfiniti team are sharp on not only NAD skills but the mindset behind helping doctors and patients improve overall health. I appreciate Dr. She, his incredible knowledge, and being easily accessible for questions.

  • Dr. Edwin Lee

    M.D., Renowned anti-aging doctor and speaker, Founder of Institute for Hormonal Balance, Orlando

    Monitoring intracellular NAD levels has been revolutionary in my clinical practice.  I strongly recommend all my patients that struggle with low energy to get their intracellular NAD levels measured.  The Jinfiniti NAD test is a game changer in my practice.

  • Dr. Colleen Galvin

    NMD, PhD, Expert in integrated western and Chinese medicine, International Medical Advisor

    In such tumultuous times, we all need to maintain our health and boost our immunity. In my quest to identify the most precise longevity testing panels, I came across Dr. Jin- Xiong She’s  laboratory. Jinfiniti’s NAD test can be easily used at home and the Longevity biomarker panel, AgingSOS, is sent directly to you!  My world- wide Telehealth patients, need to be able to receive the best products to take on a daily basis and test at home. My patients and I are energized and focused with the Vitality Boost. It is a basic necessity and it’s my number one recommendation for my patients!

  • Greta Blackburn

    Actress, Author, Longevity expert, entertainer, and spokesperson. Hollywood, California

    With a world full of self-proclaimed bio-hacking “experts” it is a joy to discover a team of accomplished researchers and scientists whose mission is to help us identify what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong in our quest for a longer healthspan. The JINFINITI biomarker panel is innovative and the gold standard in the field. With the information we get by testing with JINFINITI we can evaluate our supplementation program and make adjustments that support our mission to stay vital for decades to come. The NAD test offered by this company will optimize this important cellular ingredient and provide results that are measurable as well as noticeable within weeks. No more wasting money on supplements that do nothing or are not needed. Personal evaluation via biomarker testing and optimization of cellular NAD via their NMN Vitality Boost is the holy grail of supplementation and this company provides just that.

  • Greg Hill

    Texas A&M star running back, first round draft pick Kansas City Chiefs played 1994-1999

    I have only known training hard all my life, mentally and physically. All of a sudden I was training and now having to take daily naps. My initial thought was it was a part of getting older. I never considered testing my NAD levels before. After getting my results from Jinfiniti, I started to supplement with their Vitality Boost. It quickly improved my sleep and then increased my energy so much I don’t feel the need to take naps in the afternoon after training. I now think, walk, talk and sleep as the best version of myself again. It just feels so refreshing to be me again.

  • Johnny Adams

    Exec. Director Gerontology Research Group, CEO / Exec. Director of Aging Intervention Foundation

    I have had the experience and pleasure of getting to know Dr. She while visiting his institution in Augusta Georgia. I learned that Dr She is a world class expert in the development of innovative biological tests, and a top level scientist. I particularly appreciate that he is usually available for discussions, and offers scientific information and guidance. I’m now a frequent user of Dr She’s biomarker tests and supplements.  I recommend them highly.

  • Linda S Brewer

    President – Destiny Architect, South Carolina

    I visited the Jinfiniti facility in Augusta Georgia and did the AgingSOS™ test in February 2022 and was treated as a VIP.  Dr. She personally spent precious time with me and went through my list of supplements and drugs and gave me detailed recommendations.  I purchased their Accuri™ Vitality Boost onsite and started taking it on the same day.  To my surprise, my leg cramps, an ongoing problem at night for years, ceased immediately.  I now take my Vitality Boost with my tea for Afib every morning.  I feel the difference in my energy level and mental outlook.  My oxygen level stays level at 98-100 percent. Dr. She is dedicated and delivers the data and the product one needs for a quality of life.  Dr. She is trustworthy to be a contributor on your health journey-Trust him!

  • Marianna Shats

    Professional Engineer, Master Degree Civil Engineering specializing in Environmental Engineering, Canada

    I am a 75 years old woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about two years ago. My symptoms have been generally well controlled by medication (levodopa/carbidopa). However, fatigue, low energy and muscles weakness limited my daily activities. I needed frequent resting and sometimes could not accomplish my usual daily tasks. After taking the Accuri® Vitality Boost NAD supplement for only two weeks I started to feel a lot more energetic and needed a lot less resting. I am able now to live a more normal life. This is all accomplished without any side effects what so ever! I would recommend this product to everybody who is suffering from similar symptoms.  Thank you very much for this wonderful product.

  • Donna Crawford

    Certified massage therapist, salesperson in the nutraceuticals industry, California

    I started taking the Accuri® Vitality Boost not knowing what to expect. After about two months on the product, I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses anymore when I was doing computer work. I could actually see better! It was remarkable! The only thing I did differently was to start taking the product. I immediately started researching the benefits of NAD and come to find out that better vision is one of them. I am blown away at how well this product works! I can’t believe that I can see close up again! Out of curiosity, I stopped taking the Vitality Boost for a short period of time and tried another NAD product and I did not notice anything. The Vitality Boost, not the other NAD product, really makes a difference!

    Act now to Live Healthier Longer