Shipping and collection instructions

AgingSOS™ panel instructions

Upon receiving the kit:

We take care to preserve the quality of your blood sample, but we need your help too. Please carefully read and follow these steps to prevent your blood sample from degrading during the return shipment so we can give you high quality results.

  1. Do not throw away the shipping container because you will use it to return the blood sample back to us.
  2. Please freeze the cold pack(s) as soon as you receive the kit or at least the day before you collect and ship your sample.
  3. Read the blood collection instructions carefully and become familiar with the procedure. Please watch the video we produced below to help you with your collection.
  4. Make sure you collect and ship the blood sample on the same day between Monday and Thursday of the week to so we receive it on the following day. This ensures we get the sample while it is still in good shape for our tests.

    When you are ready to ship

  1. Put the frozen cold pack(s) at the bottom of the styrofoam container and the envelope containing your blood sample on the top of the cold packs.
  2. Close the styrofoam container with its cover, then seal the shipping box with tape.
  3. Insert the enclosed FedEx return label on the side of the shipping box. Make sure to remove the old shipping label or cover it with your return label.

Blood spot filter paper instructions