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Jinfiniti Precision Medicine named as top leader in longevity biomarkers by Longevity International

Longevity International has been serializing their biological age diagnostics trailblazers – dynamic and innovative companies they feel are driving this exciting space and who are featured in their new Biological age diagnostics report. Each profile includes a flagship product deep dive which offers a forensic consideration of product development, efficacy, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.

JPM wins the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch awards

Now in its third year, the Award recognizes companies which have produced a product or service which has gone on to revolutionize their industry. A disrupter, in other words. But the Awards didn’t just stop there. The magazine’s panel also wanted to pay credit to those who have innovative practices in terms of how their company is run or structured.

Companies from all sectors were invited to apply for the Awards – or be nominated. Energy, Healthcare and Communications was particularly well-represented but so too were Manufacturing, Banking and Pharmaceuticals. And it wasn’t just in the sectors that there was large variation. Because the Awards were global, entries came from around the globe, from as far afield as Canada, New Zealand and even the Balkans.

Thank you to Business Worldwide Magazine congratulations to the 20 winners.

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine Founder Jin Xiong She talks about NAD optimization

“Biomarkers of Human Longevity: State of the Market and Diversity of Practical Applications Q4 2021” was a 2-day conference featuring talks and panel discussions among industry leaders, companies, investors and practitioners in the rapidly growing domain of Biomarkers of Human Longevity.

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine founder Jin Xiong She discusses NAD optimization. 

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